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DKP Bug-In Displays of the late 60's, early 70's

More great old shots of Bug-Ins past submitted by DKP1 member John Lazenby

A Glimpse of early DKP Days

Epic shots of the early days submitted by DKP1 member, John Lazenby. Hopefully, more will follow soon from Jim E. and Gregg B.

1975 and earlier

Some great old pictures of some classic old cars

Bug-In 14

Sunday, April 20th, 1975

1990 25th Anniversary Reunion

A day to remember and certainly one of the club's best moments.

Bug-In 32

Pics by Stephan Szantai April 10, 2005

The Panic

Upland, Ca.Sunday July 10th, 2005

Santa's Lil Helper Cruise 2005

Fullerton, Ca.Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Bug-In 33 Weekend

The festivities start at Lenny Copp's West Coast Classic Friday afternoon before moving down the street to Nick's Burgers. Allen & Sue Weiss throw an awesome party Saturday afternoon followed by the Legends mixer in the evening at the host hotel. Sunday, the blessed event!

Santa's Lil Helper 2006

Fullerton, Ca,Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Santa's Lil Helper 2007

Fullerton, Ca. December 2nd, 2007

Pheonix Club 2008

Anaheim, Ca. August 31, 2008

Cars and Coffee

Irvine, Ca. September 12, 2009

Club Cruise

North Orange County, October 4th, 2009

Santa's Lil Helper 2009

Fullerton, Ca. December 6th, 2009

Bug-In 36 Weekend

A three day weekend that began Friday afternoon at Nick's Burgers in Fullerton. Day two was an AWESOME party at the home of Paul Schley followed by Sunday's Bug in 36 at Fontana.

2010 VW Classic Weekend

One hell of a Classic weekend... Nick's on Friday, party at Sarge's house followed by the BIG SHOW!!

2010 Jamboree

Irvine, Ca. August 8th, 2010

Santa's Lil Helper 2010

Fullerton, Ca. December 5th, 2010.

Galassi's Gigs

For the past few years, Dave Galassi has thrown open the doors of his shop in Irwindale for a once a year meeting of gear-heads. Dave loves VW's but has a fondness for Gassers and Hot Rods as well. There's plenty of food and cold beer flows freely. A deserted street beckons out front and then the fun starts... usually followed by the arrival of the cops! ALWAYS a great afternoon.

Santa's Lil Helper 2011

Fullerton, Ca. December 4th, 2011.

ScottP's Retirement Party

Scott finally called it quits a few weeks ago!! To celebrate, he and wife Janine threw a nice party at their home in Corona complete with a taco cart, BEER, a margarita machine, and a live band....

Bug-In 37 Weekend 4/27-29/2012

The BIG WEEKEND is finally here and what better way to kick things off then a Friday afternoon / evening at Nick's Burgers in Fullerton! Not as many cars as the Classic edition, but still a nice crowd on hand for a beautiful Southern California day. The Schley brothers held another great party at Paul's home in Villa Park that was well attended by many visiting dignitaries Saturday afternoon. DKP was honored with driveway parking once again! 8-). The Grand Finale was Bug-In 37 held at the freshly re-opened Irwindale Dragstrip which was one of the best shows in years! Enjoy the pics!

2012 VW Classic Weekend

WOW!! Another Classic is in the books. Beginning with our Friday Nick's cruise followed by an impromptu Saturday afternoon party at Sarge's house to the Classic on Sunday, it was all good!!

Beecher's BBQ Bash 2012

Hats off and a BIG thank you to Steve Beecher for hosting a nice BBQ yesterday afternoon at his impressive digs. It's been a while since the last party at Steve's house and there were a number of new home improvements to check... most notably the garage addition, a total kitchen rebuild and an annoying wall removal. We feasted on burgers and hot dogs all washed down with PLENTY of cold beer... then there was those mini chocolate cupcakes with the Reese's Peanut Butter cups inside... OH MY!!! As most of us who know Steve best can attest to, he is quite the savvy shopper at all the local swap meets, so there was plenty to check out in the house not to mention that six car garage! Thanks Steve!!!

Santa's Lil Helper 2012

Even though it rained, we had a great turn out and a huge pile of toys and goodies to transfer to Fullerton PD so that they could give them to the needy in the community. DKP thanks everyone that came out and donated toys for a great cause.

Bug In 38 Weekend

WOW, what a weekend! I'm still trying to figure out how three days went by so quickly. From the Friday Nick's Cruise to a great afternoon of fun, food and friends sponsored by DKK at Heroe's in Fullerton to the GRAND FINALE at Irwindale, it was all GREAT! Cool getting to see Jere Alhadeff, Craig Foster, Sergio Rampone and countless others... just the best! Enjoy!

Classic Weekend 2013

Can’t recall a better (or bigger) event… there was something on the lot for every taste! This year’s Classic was simply AMAZING! The cars on display from Buddy Hale and Dave “Pip” Pipoli were WAY over the top! Great seeing old friends from the past… Mike Martinez (DKP II) even dropped by the DKP compound for a chat. It was all over way too quick but the memories will last!

Santa's Li'l Helper 2013

DKP's 9th Annual Santa's Li'l Helper Cruise- Photos courtesy of Deano and Fabien

Saturday drive to Flo's

Fabien organized a drive thru Carbon Canyon to Flo's Diner at Chino Airport and shared these pictures of the event