Club Rules

The Club Constitution


The aim of the club is to maintain the standards laid down by club members since the earliest days of Der Kleiner Panzers. Outright performance is important, but of equal importance are the presentation of a member’s car and the attitude of the member.

What follows is a list of the guidelines which are used in evaluating a prospective members car


DKP is open to clean, fast Street VWs in the spirit of the original California Look

DKP is open to normally-aspirated VW Bugs, Karmann Ghias and Type 3s, including later models.

Membership is open to enthusiasts from Southern California

The “Look” of the cars should abide by the following rules:

  • Quality: A high level of detailing inside, outside and under the decklid
  • Color: Tasteful, subtle and flawless one-color paintjob
  • Stance: In the typical California Look fashion, the front suspension should be lowered and the rear should remain at a stock height
  • Wheels: Selection limited to original models from the sixties and seventies (BRM, painted and polished EMPI five-spokes etc), early original painted and polished Porsche factory wheels (Fuchs, Gasburners etc), Center Lines and the high quality BRM-Flat 4s. No “fully polished” alloys
  • Tires: Tires must fit under the stock fenders. No low-profile tires. Slicks are welcome but not mandatory
  • Modifications: With the exception of of top-chops, dechroming, one-piece windows and dash alternatives (none of these being mandatory), body modifications are not allowed
  • Accessories: DKP is not a “Resto Cal” type of club, therefore emphasis should not be put on any certain type of accessory items. Be advised that the following accessories are not welcome: roofracks, headlight eyebrows, louvered aluminum pieces, unnecessary guards and whitewall tires. No billet accessories
Any new member must be accepted by at least 75% of the standing club members
Putting DKP stickers on a car does not entitle its owner to membership of the club
Tim Elder

I’m interested in becoming a member of DKP. I grew up in Anaheim, and have fond memories of the original DKP cars and of course the window full of trophies in downtown Ananheim. Many years have passed, along with many muscle cars, street rods and even a couple of Porsches. But I’ve always loved the old fast bugs. I have a 1966 Sedan. I have attended several Nick’s Sunday events and your Santa Cruise, prior to purchasing this car. Darrell Bomgaars has been helping me with the ins and outs of hot rodding a VW. Please let me know the procedures needed to obtain membership in this legendary club.




Thanks for your interest Tim. This is a common question we receive here at DKP. Someone will respond by Email in the next few days.