Greg Petit

I was a member of the panzers from 1967 till April 1968. I was the secretary for the club. Chuck Henry was President and Steve Harf was vice President. We had caravans to Hollywood and Palm Springs. We had monthly rallies. I left the club because I was drafted in US Army in April 1968. Would like to talk to someone and maybe share some information and stories of those days. My phone number is 435-640-8301 Leave message if I don’t answer.

Peter F Carson

Ladies & Gentlemen, knowing you all love your VW’s, I have an opportunity that exists in Downey, CA. My Brother Steve passed on 9/5/21 and has left his 1974 VW Bug in the garage and as you would guess, I have the responsibility to move it. If anyone has any interest in this vehicle please send a e mail to or Text 717-725-9796. I should have pictures of this car by the end of 9/8/21.
I would like to see it go to a good Owner.

Sincerely, Pete Carson


Sorry for your loss Peter. We wouldn’t really know anyone interested in a late model VW but I will definitely pass along the sad news about Steve.

Jojo Vargas

Hello to all,
I’m Jojo from the Philippines, I just want to know if I do and meet all the standard of the club, is there a way for me to be a member even if I’m not a U.S. resident?


so you dont accept vw baja bugs in you club?

i have a 66 baja .

i live like a block or two from where you guy meet at.


Hello! I was wondering if you guys could tell me where I could have a custom badge made for my hood? I am having no luck at all finding a place. Keep up the killer work!

Lori Quinn

Please contact me in regards to using some of your cars for display at a fundraiser in Orange on November 7th.
Thank you,
Lori Quinn

Chip Rodriguez

Thanks DKP for putting on the Oddesey navigational rallye. Had a blast. Keep em coming. Looking forward to more.
Chip & Roxanne (from Victorville)

Rizal Kheli

hi there,

I am from Malaysia. i would love to have DKP t shirt unfortunately i couldn’t attend your event. Please suggest where should i find it on the net?



Wife & I attended your 10th annual “SANTA’S LIL HELPER” toy cruise on 12/07/2014 representing NBVA (Newport Beach Volkswagen Assn) !! This was the 1st “toy cruise” that we have been to. GREAT FUN, all the lights, the driving around Fullerton/Brea area….we WILL be back next year!! DKP rocks…still after ALL these years !!


Thank you Im pretty sure my car meets most of the standards especially once i put mut my tbars on im located in hemet so how would i go about contacting someone to get in the club


Dusty, you are always welcome to attend our monthly cruise nights, the details are on the website. If your aspirations are to join our club, you will need to take a closer look at the club rules. Most importantly, our club cars must adhere to traditional “Cal-Look” style. Cars must be finished inside and out with period correct accessories and wheels, and MUST have a big/quick/detailed ‘NATURALLY ASPIRATED” (NON-TURBO) engine, usually with dual Weber carbs.


If it fits our description, GREAT! If not, there are hundreds of great clubs for all styles of VW’s.

Hope to see you soon at a cruise night soon!


Hey guys i have a 70 bug im working on it sits on empis 8pokes and is primed but i want to paint it white eventually put a turbp motor in it but i was wondering how i get a dkp hood emblem ? My vw has 2 inch drop spindels and a stinger exhaust and the hood and side trim are removed


Hey Dusty,
Sounds like you’re off to a great start, keep it up! Unfortunately, DKP accessories are only available to active club members.

For details on club membership, please visit the club rules link on our site.

Thanks for visiting our site, check back often!


Ty Yamamoto

I would like to know if a pass Whittier Blvd car club is still around.
The reason why I am contacting you is that I used to belong to this club(pass member)1975 – 1977/78. The name of the club was called DKK.
We used to cruise Whittier Blvd, and hang out at the Shakeys Pizza Place on Beach Blvd after our meetings. I remember your club and window sticker, we copied the same idea for our window emblem except for the German eagle. “The Little Killer Tanks”

I have garage my car since 1984, and have not brought it back out since. Also if they are not around, Do you take members from out of state? I will be in Southern s few months to spend time with family and friends, and I am towing down my car. I attend the last Bug In, in 1983.

Sorry about the chatting. Just had great memories in my “67”

Thank for any information you can provide.

“just an old VW fan”

Mark Zellner

Hey guys,

I have planned my holiday (parts shopping spree!!) to the US from Australia to coincide with the VW Classic in June and also want to check out your cruise night. I have read of the issues with parking around the area and am looking for info on how /where to park (i’ll have a rental) or if there is another better way to get there from Anaheim/Disneyland area.


Great question Mark!! The main parking chaos involves the VW’s that want to park in Nick’s parking lot. For those of you driving VW’s, we will also be using the parking lot of Taqueria El Rancho which enters off Brookhurst, just south of Orangethorpe.

For all other cars, there is plenty of parking within walking distance of Nick’s.

As far as how to get there from Disneyland, Nicks is less than 5 miles from Disneyland. North on Harbor to Orangethorpe, then left on Orangethorpe.

For spectators, I’d suggest arriving around 4:00-5:00pm PST

Mark Zellner

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the info on getting to the night at Nick’s. My wife and I got there and had a great night checking out the awesome cars. Now at home working to save for the next trip over!!

mark Z



I’m a French guy who comes with his family from the 03th to the 17th
May to California.
I want to come to your cruise night which is popular in France.

In my house, I have a SO42, Samba 21 Windows and an oval 56.

The cruise night is well Monday 06 may as from the 6 o’clock PM ?

I’m really happy to come to this cruise night and I hope to speak to



Greetings from germany!
Nice website, nice cars!
Only the name of the club is wrong. It should be:
Der kleine (no r) Panzer (no s)
Otherwise it sounds like an idiot is spelling it!
But your reports are great!
Best wishes!


Thanks Tom,
We are aware of that however, the founders thought that it sounded better with the added letters.

I must admit that I am glad they did!

Good Luck!


Hey guys

Im from denmark, really love you logo, do you have copyrigth on it?
because we are some guys from here that are starting a club, and would like to use it, just with different text/club name.

But wanted to check up on it first.
please reply on mail.

best regards



Hey Jesper,

Thank you for asking! We really appreciate that!

While we are flattered that you would want to copy our logo, it is copyrighted and we have to defend it constantly.

Good luck with your club and remember above all, have fun and don’t take yourselves too seriously!


Stephen Brooks

Hi there

I wonder if you could help me please ? … I’m a film maker from England in the UK, I’m headed over to California later this week with the aim of making a film about California Look VW’s. We are interviewing Ron Flemming and we’d very much like to feature some of the DKP club cars in the film…

Thank you !!!

jim low

fantastic website ,fantasic club .

i have a volkwagen splitty ,previous owner was formula 1 british racing driver jenson button

which i am proud of ,
but i must admit you guys make me wish i lived in the good old usa ,what fantasic vws

i applaud you all !

jim low ,poole ,dorset ,england,uk



I am going to be in California from 4-13th May and was planning on coming over to your monthly meet on 6th @ Nicks Burgers.

I was wondering what time it started, i dont want to miss it.




On normal cruise nights, prime time is 6:00-8:00pm. On event weekends, there’s no telling what will happen, the lot has been full as early as 3:00pm! Hope to see you there!

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