DKP Pre-Bugin Cruise Night recap

We want to thank everyone that came to hang out with us last weekend. It may have been the strongest showing for a Pre-Bugin event to date. We also want to thank everyone for supporting the businesses on Main St., we outspend the HotRod V8 guys every time and the businesses look forward the VW’s invading Main St. Here’s a few shots taken randomly throughout the evening.

Just about to exceed capacityuntitled-101 

TTT… Tubbed Type Threeuntitled-102 

DKP on the left, DKK to the rightuntitled-103 

untitled-104 untitled-105 untitled-106 

Andre is wondering how he ended up hanging with old guys complain about ailmentsuntitled-107 

You gonna eat that?untitled-108 untitled-109 untitled-110 untitled-111 untitled-112 

Insert your own caption here!untitled-113 untitled-114 untitled-115 untitled-116 untitled-117 untitled-118 untitled-119 untitled-120 untitled-121 

Beecher’s sweet ’47 untitled-122 untitled-123 

It doesn’t get any simpler… Or cleaner!untitled-124 untitled-125 untitled-126 untitled-127 untitled-128 untitled-129 Schwimmer, posing with one of his biggest fansuntitled-130

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