BRM, 50 years of corrosion on display at the 2016 VW Classic

Bill Schwimmer spearheaded the campaign to organize what may be one of the biggest gatherings of magnesium BRM wheels along with magnesium American 5 spoke wheels to celebrate the 50th anniversary of both iconic wheels. Total mag count was:


30 loose wheels

28 wheels on 7 cars

58 total


16 loose wheels

4 wheels on 1 car

20 total

78 magnesium wheels total.

Estimated value in 2016 dollars:


John Rayburn created this display board

This was an attempt to recreate a photo from Bugin 24, 1980 in which a early ‘vert was filled with 15 BRM’s with a price of $15,000 on the windshield. Ron Barret (pictured) attempted to purchase the wheels that day but was turned down! 

4 BRM’s for sale by the Berg’s $10,000

These are Dave Mason’s BRM’s after media blast and protective coating applied

Have you ever seen 4 NOS magnesium American 5-spokes, still in their original boxes?

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